Team Leaders

  1. Our Shingijutsu team is led by Mr. Nakao, our founder and Jutsu Shu, Mr. Nagamatsu, Leader of the Systematic Integration of Quality, Material and Information and Mr. Takahashi, our President and CEO.

  2. Shingijutsu Strength

  3. Unique teachings rooted in original TPS idea

    Global presence with offices around the world

    Team with diverse experience and languages

    Network of translation services when needed

  1. Chihiro Nakao

    Father of Moonshine (FOM) of Shingijutsu Ltd

  2. Toshihiro Nagamatsu

    Leader of the Systematic Integration of Quality, Material & Information

  3. Koki Takahashi

    President and CEO Shingijutsu Ltd

  1. Mr. Nakao spent the first 27 years of his career working for the Toyota Group where he was mentored and trained by Mr. Ohno, originator of the Toyota Production System (TPS). Mr. Nakao was a part of the original autonomous study groups initiated by Ohno who ultimately came up the basic philosophy and approach of TPS. Mr. Nakao founded the Shingijutsu Company in 1987 at the behest of Mr. Ohno.

    Mr. Nakao has dedicated himself to spreading the principles of the Toyota Production System around the world to create the Global Production System. Mr. Nakao was recently appointed Jutsu Shu, and is now the owner and steward of the company’s art and practices. This is important since it ensures the art or technology and its practice are current, effective and is used correctly by all sensei.

  2. Mr. Nagamatsu also spent 27 years with the Toyota Group becoming a skilled and influential leader of the Toyota Production System. He joined the Shingijutsu team 15 years ago.

    From 2007 to 2012, Mr. Nagamatsu served as CEO of the company. In 2012, Mr. Nagamatsu became the Leader of the Systematic Integration of Quality, Material and Information (SIQMI).

  1. Team Members or Sensei

  1. Our team is comprised of over 45 team members or sensei, each with extensive experience in a broad range of industries and businesses as well as the long term commitment and extensive experience in Kaizen. Our team member’s average over 28 years in industrial experience as well as 15 years dedicated to the promotion of Kaizen.

    We have backgrounds including automotive, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, electronics, health care, appliances, heavy equipment, mining, internet sales and distribution, publishing, confectionaries, and the garment industry. In addition to the skills needed in industrial settings, we also have extensive experience in office or white collar kaizen, working in such fields as human resources, finance and engineering.

  2. Our team members joined Shingijutsu Company after careers at companies such as Toyota Group, Boeing, Hitachi, Izusu, Toshiba, Mogami , United Technologies Corporation and Yamataki.Shingijutsu is also commited to developing the next generation of sensei to help global business and organizations prosper and grow in the next hundred years.

    The maturity and skills of our older team members offer a unique and special opportunity to teach and develop new, younger team members. You will often see these newer team members with our senior sensei during kaizen events to assist, observe and learn. ©2016 Copyright - Shingijutsu USAShingijutsu USA Specializes in Kaizen, lean manufacturing, lean process improvement, kanban, Just-in-Time, Sensei, Toyota Production System, Nakao