1. Success is a Journey

    • Commitment to Kaizen Comes First
    • Improvement Comes from People
    • Learning Comes from Observation and Practice
    • The Future Comes from Innovation
  1. Journey

    When business people consider what’s needed to achieve success, we tend to think in absolutes — vision, hard work, sacrifice, timing, luck. Companies hire consultants to work on improvement projects that help the “bottom line.” Yet despite these valuable insights and consultants working on projects in their companies, success often seems elusive. Shingijutsu is committed not to consulting but to teaching your company to see success for yourselves and provide you with the tools needed to make improvements on your own.

    Nothing's Perfect 

    With market conditions and operating circumstances constantly changing, no system or practice is ever perfect — for long. So we’ll work with you to adapt a mindset of kaizen (continuous improvement) that will help your employees continually seek and devise ways to improve your organization.

    Leveraging Zen-like principles and solutions found in nature, Shingijutsu sensei will work closely with your team to instill a set of values, a philosophy and problem solving tools to help work towards “the ideal state.”

    The First Step

    Shingijutsu will work with your leadership and other team members to make this journey but you’ll need to travel light. You can’t bring the baggage of legacy thinking and you’ve got to be open to moving in a new direction.

    If you’re willing to follow the path to increased efficiencies and cultural transformations taken by Toyota, Boeing, United Technologies and other successful companies, take the first step of discovering how we might work together.

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